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Head and back trauma from car crashes present serious issues

You have been involved in a car accident. Though you may have suspected that this type of situation would likely happen to you at some point in your life, you may not have anticipated that the outcomes would have such serious impacts. Unfortunately, car accidents can easily lead to serious injuries that may have lasting effects and require you to seek medical attention.

Risk factors for squamous cell carcinomas

While any Montana resident who has a history of substantial sun exposure is at risk for developing squamous cell carcinomas, there are others who have an increased risk of developing the disease due to genetics. Further, those who have suffered from chronic skin infections in the past may also have an increased risk for squamous cell carcinomas.

Steps to compensation after a railroad worker injury

For a Montana railroad worker who suffers an injury on the job, financial hardship is a real possibility. To prevent a bad situation from becoming worse, certain steps should be followed after railroad worker injuries to secure compensation. Whether the worker suffers catastrophic injuries leading to permanent disability or less severe issues causing a few days of missed work, a successful claim under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) can recover the costs of any medical care and lost wages.


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