Has road rage and bad driving increased recently?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

You have likely noticed that drivers seem to be getting worse. In recent years, Montana’s idyllic landscapes have been overshadowed by a concerning trend: an increase in road rage incidents and dangerous driving behaviors. The data shows that your gut feeling that people seem to treat their fellow drivers worse is actually occurring, including right here in Montana.

What do the statistics say?

Reports indicate a nationwide rise in confrontational driving, with Montana experiencing a notable uptick. According to data from the Montana Department of Transportation, fatalities from traffic accidents have risen by 16% in 2021 alone, positioning Montana as having the highest rate of fatal car accidents per capita.

What is behind the increase in aggressive driving?

Several factors contribute to this surge in aggressive driving. Montana ranks second for road rage incidents according to the Finn US Road Rage Report, with speeding and impaired driving being significant contributors to fatal crashes.

What is the state doing?

In response to these troubling statistics, Montana’s legislative bodies and traffic safety authorities have been proactive in addressing the issue. The Montana Traffic Safety Annual Report outlines various strategies and measures aimed at improving road safety.

The MDT has also taken steps to increase public awareness and promote safer driving practices. Resources, such as the Traveler Information portal, provide real-time updates on road conditions, with the goal of reducing incidents caused by hazardous driving conditions. However, ultimate responsibility lies with individual drivers. Awareness campaigns stress the importance of patience, attentiveness and adherence to traffic laws to ensure safety for all road users.


Montana faces a significant challenge in curbing the rise of road rage and dangerous driving. It requires collective effort from drivers, law enforcement and state authorities to create a safer driving environment. As residents and visitors navigate Montana’s roads, remaining vigilant and committed to driving safely is paramount. Though, if you are injured, you do have legal recourse to seek civil justice.


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