Head and back trauma from car crashes present serious issues

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You have been involved in a car accident. Though you may have suspected that this type of situation would likely happen to you at some point in your life, you may not have anticipated that the outcomes would have such serious impacts. Unfortunately, car accidents can easily lead to serious injuries that may have lasting effects and require you to seek medical attention.

Numerous types of injuries could result from car crashes as individuals often go through a great deal of trauma during the event. Some of the more common and serious injuries that result from these incidents relate to head and back trauma.

Head injuries

Because you likely have little control over how your body moves during a serious crash, you face a considerable risk of your head striking various objects and surfaces in your vehicle, including the steering wheel, dashboard and windows. When your head hits an object, you could suffer considerable trauma. Though this type of injury could only have minor results such as a mild concussion, it could also lead to more severe brain damage.

When brain damage occurs, you may suffer from cognitive issues as a result. In order to address these issues, you may need extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation. Unfortunately, even with this type of attention, you may not fully recover your former abilities.

Back injuries

Injuries to your back can pose numerous issues depending on the severity. If a herniated disk occurs, you may suffer mild but still significant physical problems, such as numbness, muscle weakness and limb pain. When it comes to more serious spine injuries, you could face a serious risk of reduced physical abilities when it comes to the use of your hands, arms, legs and feet. You could also face the potential of paralysis as an outcome.

Obviously, any of these results could cause you to face considerable life changes. In working to adjust to these changes, you may experience substantial hardships.

Seeking compensation

Due to the difficulties that such injuries can present, you may find yourself wondering whether you could possibly receive compensation for medical expenses, lost wages or other similar damages. If you wish to take such a route, finding out information on personal injury claims in Missoula may help you better understand your legal options and determine whether such a step could suit your particular needs and desires.

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