Warning: Insurance Companies Don’t Play Fair

At Towe & Fitzpatrick, PLLC, we strongly discourage you from trying to deal with insurance companies alone. The hard truth is that if you file an insurance claim or accept a settlement offer without speaking to an attorney, you will probably end up with less money than your claim is worth.

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Facts About Insurance Companies You Should Know

In every case involving personal injuries caused by negligence, there is an insurance company on the other side — and they never play fair. Insurance companies’ bad faith behavior can range from legal business tactics to illegal practices such as:

  • Written or recorded statements: Never give one without an attorney on board. Adjusters are trained interrogators who will ask leading questions and use other tactics to get you to say things that will damage your case. They will use these statements against you.
  • Delays: Under Montana law, you have a limited time to file a lawsuit, generally three years or less. Insurance companies often find ways to delay processing your claim until this period has passed, because it eliminates their legal obligation to pay.
  • Dishonesty: Adjusters will not offer helpful information about your rights, such as their duty to advance money. Their hope is that you won’t ask, and they won’t have to comply.
  • Quick, lowball offers: Insurance companies know you need money, and they don’t always deny your claim. Instead, they may make a settlement offer soon after an accident. It is likely that it will be for less than your claim is worth. Keep in mind that you may not know the extent of your injuries at this point either.

Let Us Review Your Settlement Offer For Free

Don’t ever accept a settlement offer without speaking to an attorney first. At our law firm, we will review yours for free. We provide straightforward advice, even if it means telling you to accept the offer. We will never sell you on litigation you don’t need.

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