Large truck accidents are more common than you think

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Montana motorists rarely travel on a roadway without encountering a large truck. Because semi-trucks and tractor trailers trucks are so essential when it comes to transporting goods within the state and across the nation, they use major and non-major roadways every day and night throughout the year.

While shipments can be made without issue, factors such as delays, hazardous weather, tight deadlines, monetary incentives and other factors that impact the driver and trucking company could generate significant risks on the roadway. As such, when a truck accident occurs, it is imperative to consider the wide range of factors that could have contributed to the accident.

Truck accidents

According to recent statistics, the rate of accidents involving large trucks is frightening. For example, 2021 saw 523,796 truck accidents, which is a significant increase from the previous year that recorded 415,444 accidents. This 26% increase might be due to the current conditions of the nation during those years; however, these numbers still illustrate how common truck accidents are.

Roughly a fourth of these recorded truck accidents resulted in injuries or fatalities. For 2020, there were 101,000 truck accidents reported that involved injuries, and 4,444 resulted in fatalities. With regards to fatal truck accidents, over half of those reported involved a semi-truck.

Causes and liability

There are a wide range of causes when it comes to truck accidents, with some of them establishing liability and negligence of the truck driver, trucking company or both. Current statistics found that the most common cause of a truck accident was truck driver impairment or inattention. Because truck drivers spend long hours behind the wheel of a truck, they are more prone to fatigue, certain illnesses, using their cell phone while driving, eating while driving and even being impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Other common causes include driving in dangerous weather conditions, speeding and hours of service violations. Any of these could cause or contribute to a truck accident, resulting in possible liability for the truck driver or trucking company

Those injured in a truck crash should understand that they have rights following the incident. A civil action, such as a personal injury suit, could help the injured victim show cause and apply liability to the negligent party or parties. This could help with the recovery of compensation to help address damages and losses.

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