Montana’s roads are dangerous during the holidays

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Statistics show that Montana has a way to go with respect to traffic safety in general. However, a recent study from the National Safety Council suggests that our state’s roads are especially dangerous during the winter holiday months.

The study reviewed traffic fatalities around major holidays between 2017 and 2021. During this time, 163 people lost their lives on Montana’s roads. This translates to 1.71 deaths per 100 million miles traveled.

The result ranks Montana as the fourth deadliest state when it comes to winter holiday driving.

While it might be easy to blame the weather, Montana was the only state with harsh winters that made the top five states. On the other hand, several states with cold, snowy winters made the list of the least deadly states.

In any event, motorists have a responsibility to adjust their driving to weather conditions.

Overall, holidays are a dangerous time on our country’s roads and highways. According to the study, Thanksgiving is the deadliest holiday, with over 2,450 deaths reported nationwide in the five-year period. By contrast, 1,680 deaths happened around Christmas.

Be careful this season

These statistics serve as a reminder to those who live in western Montana or who are traveling through our state to drive carefully this holiday season.

Motorists need to avoid driving under the influence or while distracted. They should also make sure to travel at a safe speed no matter how eager they are to get to their destination.

By driving responsibly, motorists do their part to make sure that this time of year is not marred by tragedy. On the other hand, drivers who carelessly cause serious accidents on Montana’s roads are legally responsible for the losses of their victims.

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