Montana in the top 12 for most fatal truck accidents

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Safety advocates are frequently pushing for regulators to take steps to make the roads safer. Part of that is accruing statistics as the number of truck collisions that occur. Montana was mentioned prominently in the latest push for safety measures.

Speeding and automatic emergency brakes

The Truck Safety Coalition released its latest statistics and recommendations for truck accidents. It is asking lawmakers and the Department of Transportation to act quickly to implement its recommendations. Because so many truck accidents happen due to truck drivers traveling at excessive speeds, speed limiters are a topic for discussion that the TSC believes will be effective in reducing the severity of accidents. It also wants Automatic Emergency Braking to be mandated.

In its report, the TSC used National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics to show that 2021 was believed to have one of the highest number of fatalities since statistics started being kept. There were approximately 155,000 people injured and 5,700 people killed in truck accidents that year.

In the previous 12 years, there was a 71% spike in truck fatalities. Twelve states were listed as having the highest number of truck fatalities per 100,000 residents. Montana was fourth behind only New Mexico, Arkansas and Mississippi.

The speed limiter and automatic braking would take some responsibility out of the trucker’s hands. If the truck cannot go beyond a predetermined speed, it would dramatically lower the chance of a speed-related collision as well as lowering the severity of the impact. The automatic braking system is something that is becoming more commonplace in newly manufactured motor vehicles with the vehicle stopping without driver intervention if an object is in front of it.

Know the options after a truck crash

These proposals are not guaranteed to go into effect and truck companies, drivers and their advocates do not want these mandates to happen. Until steps are taken, people need to be aware of the dangers they face and what can happen because of a truck accident.

The rate of severe injuries and fatalities is worrisome, particularly in Montana. The size and speed of trucks is frightening enough. When adding in the possibility that a trucker was under the influence, had been driving too long in one sitting or was simply not paying attention to the road, the chance of a truck collision increase significantly.

Medical costs, lost wages, long-term injuries and other challenges can come about for a person and their family. If there is a fatality, it is exponentially worse. Being aware of what can be done after a truck accident is imperative and this is critical right after the collision has taken place.

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