Its summer and road safety again comes to the forefront

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With the end of the school year in sight and families preparing to take vacations, Montana is a tourist destination for people from within the state and across the nation. Annually, legislators and law enforcement emphasize the need for road safety.

Unfortunately, the time from Memorial Day through Labor Day remains a worry as there is a consistent uptick in collisions with injuries and fatalities. As the warmest time of the year in Montana and the U.S. approaches, it is important for people to be aware of the risks and take steps to improve safety. If they are in an accident, it is also wise to know what they might face.

Summer auto accidents stem from many factors

The mix of more people being on the road and the inherent dangers that people are confronted with in the current climate combine to cause auto crashes. The “100 deadliest days” is an annual concern. According to Montana law enforcement, drivers and passengers can take steps to mitigate their vulnerability.

The simple act of wearing a seatbelt can save lives. Also, understanding how using intoxicating substances before getting behind the wheel and avoiding this behavior is beneficial to safety.

Since distracted driving has become so prevalent, drivers are advised to put down their handheld devices and other distractions and focus on the road. Speeding is noted as the biggest challenge for road safety. Not only does it give drivers less time to react, but the severity of the impact leads to worse injuries and death.

Combining heavier traffic, less experienced drivers and the above-listed factors, it is no surprise that there is fear as to what can happen on state roadways. An accident can turn what was supposed to be a leisurely time of enjoyment into massive medical expenses, long-term injuries and a dramatically different future.

Those impacted by an auto accident will have a lot to consider

The aftermath of an auto accident can cause a seemingly endless list of problems for those who were hurt and their families. Financially, personally and professionally, they could wonder how they will move forward and recover in every aspect. For answers to their questions and assistance in deciding the preferable strategy, it is essential to know what options are available by seeking professional guidance.

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