Protection against drunk drivers

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Montana drivers who are concerned about road safety, particularly when it comes to drunk drivers, can take certain steps to protect themselves. Defensive driving is a form of driving that can help people save their own lives when they are sharing the road with drunk drivers.

It is important to first be able to recognize the signs that another driver on the road may be drunk. Typical driving signs may include making turns that are too wide, driving in the center of the road and narrowly miss hitting another vehicle. Drunk drivers may also be driving too slowly, braking erratically, making sudden or illegal turns, turning or swerving abruptly, driving on the wrong side of the road or reacting too slowly traffic signals.

Individuals who suspect that someone may be driving while impaired should be prepared protect themselves by taking immediate and evasive action. They should maintain their distance from the vehicle being operated by the drunk driver or should simply pull off of the road and allow the other driver to move past them. If the vehicle that contains the drunk driver is headed directly for their vehicle, they should pull their own vehicle off to the right, stop and attempt to grab the attention of the drunken driver by flashing their lights and honking their horn.

Drivers should avoid trying to stop a vehicle they suspect of being driven by a drunk driver. They should also not ignore traffic signals in order to maintain view of the driver or try to follow the vehicle if it is speeding.

A personal injury attorney may investigate the factors surrounding motor vehicle accidents and pursue financial compensation on behalf of clients injured in the accidents. The negligent parties might be sued for driving while drunk and causing serious injuries in an accident.

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