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Need-to-knows about filing a car accident claim

You are fortunate if a car accident is minor, but many crashes involve significant injury or damage. The costs afterwards may be too much for you to handle. Luckily, you can seek compensation for these bills but you need to do it correctly or you could lose out on the payment you deserve. Here is an overview of filing an accident claim in Montana.

FELA guides workplace injury cases for railroad workers

Many miles of railroad tracks crisscross Montana, and the heavy equipment involved presents daily hazards to workers. In 1908, Congress established the Federal Employers Liability Act to provide injured railroad workers and their family members with a system for recevingcompensation. Unlike workers' compensation insurance that applies to most other industries, FELA governs the process of determining liability and settlements for railroad workers.

The dangers of smartphones and distracted driving

Some Montana motorists might be surprised to learn that according to a survey conducted by AT&T, more than two-thirds of the respondents admitted to using their smartphones while driving. In a different report from the AAA Foundation for Traffice Safety, distracted driving overall was highest in the 19-24 age group with 88 percent reporting at least one reckless behavior while they were behind the wheel.


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