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Female doctors might produce better results

Montana residents who find themselves receiving non-surgical medical care in a hospital may wish to breathe a sigh of relief if a woman is assigned to be their primary care physician. Researchers from Harvard University studied 1.5 million such cases involving Medicare patients aged 65 or older, and they discovered that patients who were treated by men died more often and were more likely to be readmitted within a month of their release. The study was published online in the medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine on Dec. 19.

Frequent cases of pancreatic cancer misdiagnoses spur research

Pancreatic cancer is a growing cause of death and medical bills in Montana and throughout the U.S. An article in Cancer Research projects that pancreatic deaths will soon outpace breast cancer. This is leading to more research to improve and identify more effective treatments for different stages of diagnosis.

Causes and treatment for back pain after surgery

Montana patients who have undergone back surgery might have heard about Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, which refers to new or ongoing pain following spinal surgery. FBSS also applies to persistent pain in a person's arm or neck after neck surgery. The term does not necessarily imply that there were mistakes made during the procedure, however.

Accidents with large trucks cause physical and financial pain

Missoula occupies a unique and strategic place in the state of Montana. Its position on Interstate 90 makes it the gateway to the Pacific Northwest for commercial traffic, and the first stop for coastal truckers heading for the mid-west.


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