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What If I Need To Repair Or Replace My Vehicle?

At Towe & Fitzpatrick, PLLC, our priority is to help our clients get the maximum compensation they need to pay for damages incurred in an accident. While covering medical bills and lost wages is going to be the bulk of a settlement or verdict, we also know how important it is for you to get your vehicle repaired or replaced.

Here are some facts you should know about damage to your car in an accident.

  • The insurance company has the option to repair or replace your car, depending on which costs less.
  • If the insurance company chooses to repair your car, you have the right to choose the repair shop and the right to demand that only original manufacturer parts be used in the repair. Because your car was probably not new at the time of the accident, the mechanic may use refurbished or reconditioned parts.
  • If it is less expensive to replace your vehicle than to repair it, you will be entitled to its “fair market value” immediately before the accident. Often, insurance companies keep their own databases that show unfairly low values for destroyed vehicles. You do not have to accept an unfair “lowball” value set by the insurance company. Good sources to check to confirm that you are getting a fair deal are the Kelly Blue Book, used car dealers in your area and newspaper used car ads.
  • If another driver is at fault, you are entitled to a rental car for the time needed to repair your vehicle or while you are negotiating its fair market value with the insurance company. While insurance companies often pay the rental bill directly, sometimes you must pay the rental car bill first and get reimbursed from the insurance company later.

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