What factors result in truck drivers causing a truck accident?

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Large trucks account for many of the vehicles on Montana’s roads each day. These trucks may be traveling to different destinations in the state or they may just be driving through to another location. These trucks may be common, but they also present dangers that other vehicles on the road do not present to other drivers.

These trucks are much larger than most of the other vehicles. They can cause significant damage to the smaller vehicles and cause serious injuries to the drivers and passengers in the vehicles involved in the truck accident. Drivers of other vehicles should take precautions when driving by large trucks to minimize the likelihood that they are in a truck accident, but there are times when the accident is unavoidable due to the actions of the truck driver.

There are many ways that truck drivers can cause truck accidents, but according to a study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, some actions are more dangerous than others. Some of the more dangerous actions are:

  • When drivers experience health problems
  • The driver made an illegal maneuver
  • The truck driver was driving too close to the other vehicles
  • The truck driver was distracted and not paying attention
  • The truck driver was too tired
  • The truck driver was driving too fast for the conditions
  • The truck driver did not judge a certain condition correctly
  • The truck driver consumed alcohol

When people are hit by a large truck in Montana, it can completely change their lives. They can suffer injuries that require significant medical treatment and may require a long rehabilitation. In some instances, the injuries are permanent. People may be unable to do their job any longer and lose significant amounts of income too.

If the truck driver causes the truck accident, the victims may be able to receive compensation for the damages they suffer as a result of the accident. Experienced attorneys understand how to deal with truck companies and insurance and may be a useful resource.

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