Premises liability and proving negligence

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At some point in most days, most Montana residents will enter property owned by others. Whether it is the private property of an individual, a retail store or a government building, you are likely under the impression that it is safe to walk on and be present on the property. While property owners are expected to maintain safe conditions on their property, the unfortunate reality is that dangerous conditions do occur and can result in serious injuries to visitors on the property.

Injured by dangerous conditions on property

There is a wide range of dangerous conditions that could be present on property located in Montana. A slip and fall could occur due to icy entrances and sidewalks or a spill on the floor. Falls could also be the result of defective or broken steps, decks, carpeting and other dangers in walkways and corridors due to the failure to repair them.

Injuries on private and public property could also be the result of bites or attacks by dangerous animals, inadequate security, dangerous irrigation structures and falling objects.

At Towe & Fitzpatrick, PLLC, our attorneys understand the complexity of premises liability actions. Nonetheless, we are committed to fully understanding the situation that led to the injury, helping victims uncover the cause and liability in the matter.

Negligence and premises liability actions

Oftentimes, it is clear that a property owner was negligent. They might have created the dangerous condition, were negligent in warning others of the dangerous condition or failed to repair a known defect. Regardless of the cause, our law firm will take the time to ensure you are well informed of your rights and options. This will assist you with your claim and ensure your rights are protected.

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