What do I look out for after a car accident?

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If you have ever been in a car accident, it might come as a shock, but you might have gotten a traumatic brain injury. It is a common injury, and one that does not always have immediately noticeable systems.

TBIs can hide

First, TBI are internal injuries. Unlike broken bones, bruises or cuts, TBI are invisible. Plus, some TBI symptoms are readily apparent, and they can take days or weeks to manifest. However, just because one has a “minor” TBI does not mean that it will not get worse, and it does not mean that you will not experience lingering effects.

Commonly ignored TBI symptoms

After a car accident, if you have a headache, or if you begin having a persistent headache a few hours, days or weeks after the car accident, you may have a TBI. If you begin having trouble sleeping or waking up, you may have a TBI. If you lost consciousness, even for a moment, you likely have a TBI. If you cannot shake a feeling of nausea or actually vomit, definitely go to your doctor to check for a TBI.

Signs of a serious TBI

After a car accident, if you notice a clear liquid draining from your ear or nose, go to the emergency room. Any significant loss of consciousness is also a sign, as is sensory issues. These include a bad taste in your mouth that will not go away, commonly a taste of metal. Another sensory issue is blurry vision, as is a ringing in your ears. Though, there are some signs that you may not notice, but others around you may. These include severe mood swings, depression and aggression.

What to do about car accident injuries

First, no matter how minor the car accident, a car accident injury can occur. Go to your doctor, and ask them to check for a TBI. Second, if you were injured by another’s negligence, call an attorney. You may be able to file a Missoula, Montana, personal injury lawsuit to take care of your medical bills, and if needed, rehabilitation to heal your TBI.


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