Fatal auto accidents on the rise in Montana and across the nation

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The past two years have been difficult for myriad reasons in Montana and across the United States. In addition to the national challenges, the roads have become increasingly dangerous. Drivers are taking liberties with the law by speeding, driving under the influence, behaving in a reckless manner and driving distracted.

The fatality statistics reflect this. The numbers and anecdotal evidence from law enforcement are worrisome and people who head out should be cognizant of the risks while taking steps to maintain safety. Unfortunately, that does not always work in avoiding a collision and it is imperative to know what to do after a crash.

Speed is cited as a common cause for the uptick in fatal accidents

Montana saw a 26% increase in fatal auto accidents in 2020. This was one of the highest rates in the nation. When they are fully tallied, the totals for 2021 are projected to be worse.

Overall, in 2020, there were almost 40,000 fatalities on U.S. roadways. This was the highest total in 13 years. According to Montana law enforcement, one of the main catalysts for auto accidents in the state is speeding.

A spokesperson for the state highway patrol said that its officers are keeping track of how drivers behave and there has been a growing number of people who exceed the speed limit. That, combined with more people moving to Montana, has resulted in more traffic, driver misbehavior and accidents.

The highway patrol is entreating drivers to reduce their speed for their safety and the safety of others. Now that recreational marijuana is legal in the state, there is concern that people will get behind the wheel under its influence and cause accidents.

Those injured or who lost a loved one in an auto accident may need guidance

Regardless of the cause, people can be in an auto accident and suffer injuries and death when they are simply taking their kids to school, commuting to work or going on an errand. This can have far-reaching implications on them and their family.

Medical expenses, being deprived of companionship, diminished contributions and lost income are all factors to consider. If there is a fatality, those who are left behind will be affected emotionally. People impacted will have many questions and concerns. Investigating the accident with the victim’s interest in mind is key and experienced advice may be instrumental in knowing what to do next.

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