Montana accident stats reveal safety issues on roads

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As is the case in other states, Montana’s government tracks the details of the collisions in this state. These statistics show some areas where this state could improve with respect to traffic safety.

In 2019, the last year for which a report was available, there were just over 22,000 motor vehicle accidents in Montana.

In 2019, there were a total of 184 fatalities in 165 separate incidents. The report also indicated that in the same year, about 720 people suffered serious injuries.

Drunk and drugged driving remains a problem in Montana

The statistics also show that motorists who operate while impaired continue to pose a threat to drivers and pedestrians in the Missoula area.

Of the 184 fatalities, authorities determined that 106 of them, well over 55%, involved an impaired driver. Additionally, 219 of the reported serious injuries also involved a drunk or drugged driver.

The statistics also highlighted other concerning safety trends

Demographically, young people and people with Native American heritage appear to have been overrepresented among those who died in accidents in 2019.

With respect to vehicles, there were 82 deaths and serious injuries involving large commercial vehicles like trucks and busses. The year 2019 also saw 22 deaths on motorcycles. Only 10 of those deaths, less than half, involved a rider who was not wearing a helmet.

While the cause of these deaths was not clear from the report, it bears repeating that all drivers need to pay careful attention to the road and to drive at an appropriate speed.

It should go without saying, but motorists should also avoid drinking or taking drugs, including prescriptions that can impair one’s driving ability.

Those who do not drive responsibly and cause an accident on Montana’s road can and should be held accountable for their actions.


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