Montana move over law may not be having desired effect on safety

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There are many factors that play a role in road safety. In Montana, auto accidents can happen in many circumstances, but those who place themselves in harm’s way to do their jobs face greater vulnerability. To improve safety, attention is paid to past accidents and new regulations are often put into action. While some will adhere to the new rules, many do not and the safety problems continue. Drivers and workers should be cognizant of this as they take to the road and know what steps to take if they have been injured and lost a loved one in this type of crash.

Move over law coincides with anniversary of fatal 2020 accident

The move over law that went into effect on Oct. 1 nearly coincides with the deaths of two tow truck drivers in 2020. It is designed to enhance safety for people whose job it is to work on busy roadways and help others. That includes emergency responders, tow truck drivers and road workers. To commemorate the fatal accident, truckers honked their horns in unison. The two male workers, 28 and 37, were hit by a passing vehicle and killed as they tried to extricate a vehicle that became stuck in a ditch. At the same time as the remembrance, drivers and workers in the state are growing accustomed to the new law and its requirements.

For jobs in which people are required to work on the road in any capacity, the dangers are many. Speeding, distraction, recklessness, drowsiness, drivers who are under the influence – all can be the catalyst for an auto accident. The move over law is meant to ensure that drivers behave safely, slow down and move to the side when emergency responders are doing their duties. Violators can face fines of $100 to $500 for a first offense. They can even be jailed for 90 days. If they repeat these offenses, they will face harsher penalties. Still, anecdotal evidence from tow truck drivers indicates that drivers continue to ignore the law and place workers in jeopardy.

After an accident in which the law was disregarded, having advice is critical

It is unfortunate that drivers flout basic laws and place others’ safety at risk. The move over law is just one example of many such behaviors. When there is a motor vehicle accident, it can lead to severe injuries and fatalities with long-term consequences. The legal violation could be a fundamental aspect of pursuing a legal claim. Having assistance right after the collision is essential to moving forward in pursuing compensation.


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