Spinal cord injuries suffered in car accidents are devastating

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There are different ways that people travel around Montana, but the most popular option is their personal motor vehicle, whether it is a sedan, a SUV or pickup truck. Driving these vehicles are much more convenient and in some situations it is necessary to use their vehicles. Driving vehicles is still a privilege though and people need to drive carefully in order to do their part in preventing motor vehicle accidents from occurring.

Motor vehicles accidents can vary in severity. Sometimes the accident results in a minor fender bender, which create inconveniences more than anything else. Many others are major accidents which result in extensive damage to the vehicles involved and serious injuries to the people involved in the accident. The severity of the injuries can also vary, but some will result in surgeries, lengthy hospital stays and extensive rehabilitation. Some injuries will be permanent and change people’s lives forever.

Effects of spinal cord injuries

The leading cause of spinal cord injuries is motor vehicle accidents, which cause almost half of all spinal cord injuries. These injuries like other injuries vary in severity, but they can result in paralysis, either partial or total, depending where on the spinal cord the injury occurs. The paralysis may only affect only the lower half of the body or could potentially prevent movement from the neck down.

In addition to preventing people from moving their various body parts, spinal cord injuries also have many other effects as well. They can loss of an ability to feel hot and cold and other sensations; spasms, pain from the damaged nerve endings, loss of bowel control; cause excessive coughing to clear secretions from the lungs; difficulty breathing, circulatory issues increasing the chances for clots and causing low blood pressure; loss of muscle and muscle tone; sexual health problems; mental health problems such as depression and other complications.

There are many motor vehicle accidents in Montana each year. Some of these accidents result in spinal cord injuries to the victims. These injuries can affect people for the rest of their lives and complete alter their lifestyle. They also can be very costly. There could be surgeries, rehabilitation, the need for medical equipment, loss of income and other damages. So, in addition to the physical complications, people may also be dealing with financial hardships as well.

If the accident was caused by another driver though, the victim may be able to receive compensation for the damages they suffer. This compensation is still very valuable even if it will not heal the injuries. Experienced attorneys understand the devastation of spinal cord injuries and may be a useful resource.

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