Why hire an experienced attorney after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents in Montana often result in insurance claims. Whether filing a third-party liability claim or contacting one’s own policy provider for an uninsured motorist claim, the process seems straightforward. However, the way things appear and how they turn out could be entirely different. Accident victims attempting to deal with insurance companies without assistance could run into trouble. Perhaps working with an experienced personal injury attorney might be a far better strategy.

Experience factors into the claims process

The average accident victim likely does not deal with insurance companies and associated adjusters much if at all. Inexperience could work against someone who has a legitimate claim since the insurance company might focus more on its interests than the claimant. An insurance provider may seek to save money for itself by presenting an unreasonably low offer. A personal injury attorney might be able to negotiate with the insurer for a higher amount.

An attorney may help an accident victim to assess the losses and come up with a reasonable figure. Also, an attorney may contact witnesses and compile evidence. Such preparation and thoroughness might prove valuable during insurance settlement talks.

Unfortunately, an insurance company might attempt to get out of paying by claiming its client was not at fault or the injured party shared some responsibility. If the evidence contradicts such claims, an attorney may present it. An attorney may be able to bring a lawsuit against an insurance company that tries to get out of paying a legitimate claim.

Additional matters related to litigation

An attorney might suggest filing a lawsuit beyond the insurance policies limits. Perhaps the person liable for the accident caused severe, costly injuries to a client. Gross negligence may factor into punitive damages sought in a lawsuit. Conversely, an attorney might advise against a lawsuit if the costs outweigh any potential judgments.

Lawsuits may come with settlement offers, and negotiations may go back and forth between lawyers. An attorney may also advise a client if a settlement seems acceptable.

Dealing with the financial and legal matters related to car accidents often requires professional experience. A personal injury attorney may provide that helpful experience and representation for individuals who are recovering after an accident.

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