Man dies in SunTrust Park beer cooler, widow files suit

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2019 | Wrongful Death

In June 2018, a man installing a beer-dispensing system at SunTrust Park, the home ballpark of the Atlanta Braves, was found dead in a concession stand beer cooler. Now, the widow is filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the Atlanta Braves and the construction team in charge of the installation. Montana residents should know that the man had invented a system called Draftwell that reduces the average pour time for beer. He had installed it previously in two Major League Baseball stadiums.

The lawsuit alleges that the construction team knew about issues with the door release mechanisms in the stadium’s coolers. In fact, the team had received an email about this prior to the incident. The team should have also known about any carbon dioxide leaks in the draft beer system. Not only that, but they should have also addressed the issues before the installation began.

Investigators found that the man died from asphyxiation when carbon dioxide leaked into cooler where he was working. Disoriented by the toxic fume, he was prevented from trying the door or using his cellphone.

The widow is suing for loss of support, funeral expenses, mental anguish, medical expenses, the decedent’s pain and suffering and other amounts allowed by statute. Representatives for the Atlanta Braves have refused to comment.

The surviving family members of a person who was the victim of a fatal accident may benefit from having legal representation. A lawyer may bring in investigators to show how the other side was negligent, afterwards linking the negligence to the death. Plaintiffs may have their lawyer negotiate for a fair settlement covering the damages that are permitted by Montana law.

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